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The images of eyeglass necklaces on the following pages by no means represent the complete line.

I am always creating new designs, as well as working on custom pieces for my clients.

It will be my pleasure to consult with you to create a look that will become

your own one-of-a-kind heirloom.

Please note that bracelets can be customized for length.

Thanks for taking a look! 

And please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions, ideas or suggestions.



Swarovski Indigo Bicone Crystal Beads, Creamy Seed Beads,

Oxidized Silver Plated Grips


$40   Item EGL4491

Vintage Black Aurora Borealis Tulip Beads, Black Irregular Cut Seed Beads,

Oxidized Silver Plated Grips


$42   Item EGL4501

Green Iridescent Faceted Czech Beads,

Iris Green Seed Beads,

Gold Plated Grips


$24   Item EGL4520

Vintage Brass Filigree Beads,

Vintage Brass Tube Beads,

Brass Colored Bugle Beads,

Gold Plated Grips


$40   Item EGL4497