Brides To Be:

Design your own jewelry as

gifts for your wedding party! 

I’ll help you do it!

What a wonderful gift for your bridesmaids, your maid of honor, your mother...and yourself:

Heirloom jewelry that you’ve designed, to be treasured for generations to come.

I’ll be your guide, with patience, and open eyes and ears, as you produce genuinely unique bracelets, necklaces and earrings that express your personal design sensibility (and think about ankle bracelets, too!).

Starting with a budget that you establish, I’ll help you to choose elements that will meet that budget,

including colors to complement your wedding party’s couture (I can work with fabric swatches, or images).

Even if you’ve never designed anything:

you have the creativity to do it!

I’ll show you how you can use Kasaro Designs concepts as a foundation, and then you’ll make your own choices to produce a new design that is unique in all the world.

Or you can start by presenting design concepts you’ve discovered or created yourself, and I’ll work with you to bring them to life.

Either way, I’ll be there to lend a hand,

to ensure that your jewelry will truly achieve

“Kasaro Designs showpiece quality.”

I’ll personally assemble your wedding jewelry, ensuring that your new design is perfectly achieved in every detail, finished to

Kasaro Designs’ celebrated, demanding

quality standards.

Take the stress out of choosing gifts for

your wedding party.

Please email me today at this special address for a no-obligation consultation:

You’ll have fun designing your wedding party jewelry, and your jewelry design will always serve as a lasting reminder of your friendship and love.

As you prepare for your special day,

give yourself the gift of peace of mind

by designing an heirloom present for those

who mean so much.

What a wonderful way to make memories of this day

last a lifetime, for you, and for each member of your wedding party.

I look forward to the great fun of working with you as you create your personal, keepsake wedding jewelry.

With best wishes for a joyous wedding celebration,  


New!  I am now offering

Swarovski Crystal Stemware Rings in sets of

2 and 4, for wedding party gifts and wedding guest favors.

For information, please send me an email at:

To see Stemware Rings, please click this link:

Swarovski Crystal Stemware Rings