Necklaces Page 4

Necklaces Page 4

Swarovski Rose Faceted Round Crystal Beads,

Freshwater Pearls,

Sterling Silver Deco Pendant,

Sterling Silver Daisy Spacers,

Sterling SIlver Filigree Pearl Clasp


$129   Item NN3490

Swarovski Midnight Blue Crystal Pearls,

Sterling Silver Heishe Beads,

Sterling Silver Clasp


$55    Item NN3564

Note that the colors in the clear beads are the result of the prismatic effects of the Aurora Borealis coating, and the colors change constantly.

Creamy Freshwater Pearls,

Swarovski Clear Aurora Borealis Bicone Beads, Sterling Silver 3-Drop Deco Pendant,

Sterling Silver Filigree Pearl Clasp


$119    Item NN3775

2-Strand Metallic Blue Swarovski Crystal Beads,

Iridescent Japanese Delica Seed Beads,

Sterling Silver Pearl Clasp


(measured by shorter strand)

$139    Item NN7239